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Homework Hotspot Procedures


Email your homework to
Homework Hotspot Pick up Procedure:
. Students must sign in on the Homework Hotspot Sign in Sheet Prior to 7:55 am.
    The sign in sheet is located in the Building C cafeteria.
. Homework will be printed out for students that have signed in and it will be delivered during 1st
   or 2nd period that day.
Homework will not be printed for students that do not sign in prior to 7:55 am.
HW Hotspot


Read or Download "How To" files:


How to save from OpenOffice to Microsoft Word:

  1. IF you are working in OpenOffice, you need to save the file in the Microsoft format (Click File > Save As. In the “Save as type:” box, select Microsoft Word format.)

  2. IF you have opened a Microsoft document in OpenOffice and have made no changes to the Microsoft document (.doc) and click File > Close, the file will be saved in the Microsoft format, (.doc) IF you have made changes to the Microsoft document, ( .doc) and click Close, you will get a choice to Save , Discard, or Cancel.

  3. IF you click Cancel, the option of closing is canceled and you will go back into the the document.

  4. IF If you click Discard, the modified Microsoft file that you were working with will be discarded (will be lost), however the original Microsoft file that you had opened will still be there..

  5. IF you click Save, you will get a message (click on YES to save in Microsoft Word.)