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Physical Education

Contact Phone Number

PE Office phone number:

310 973 - 8184 Ext. 111

PE Syllabus

9th & 10th Grade PE Syllabus:

Advanced PE Syllabus: 

PE 3 Aerobic Syllabus: 

Study Guides

Football Game Summary

PE Written Assignments

Below are the PE Written Assignments.  Read an assignment and then answer the questions (Google Form).


PE Written Assignments 



PE Written Assignments Questions (Google Form)


PE State Standards

Pacer Look - Up Table

Contact Email
Contact David Kircher  David Kircher Physical Education Specialist
Contact Paul Severns  Paul Severns Physical Ed Teacher

PE Uniform Order Form

Vo2 Chart 

You will find the VO2 link under the VO2 question on your class Fitness Test Form


BMI Chart

Pacer Look-Up Table & Healthy Mile Times

March Madness Brackets

The Password is: Running


Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 6


Mile & Pacer Time Sheet

Fitness Test Form

Mr. Severns 


Mile & Pacer Time Sheet

Fitness Test Form

Body Weight Planner and goal setting

Health Journal