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Gina Sharpe Locker
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Ms. Sharpe




Alma mater: UCLA    -   BA History
                   Stanford -  MA Education
Hometown: Wilmington, California



World History/AP World History



Per. 5 – AP World History 
Per. 1 – World History 
Per. 2 – World History 
Per. 4 – World History 
Per. 6 – World History

Go to your period (see the link in the locker on the left) to view your class assignment calendar.

See you all soon!

Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and the HMSA website.  You may be required to watch short videos and take notes, complete internet scavenger hunts on specific topics, read the textbook, submit material on, watch recorded lectures or complete assignments on Schoology.


Please register asap for your class. See codes below.


I plan on updating assignments on a weekly basis. I am working on recording some lectures, mainly for AP.  I will let you know when those are ready.

Google Classroom codes

Period 1: APWH - sssgrzv

Period 2: WH - khvrhod

Period 4: WH -  5i7ekig

Period 5: WH -  njcnkcp

Period 6: WH -     zpi4mef


If you have questions, feel free to email.  We've been told to have "office hours" once/day for at least 1 hour, where students can email.  I'll say 4-5pm, but you can email any time. 


I do hope that I will get to see you all sooner, rather than later. Please take care of yourself, follow recommendations by the experts, and try to stay optimistic.